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In May 2008, CBI/AXA published a survey that found:image: X-ray of a person hunched at a computer

Absence from work cost the UK economy £13.2 billion in 2007 as the average employee took almost seven (6.7) days off sick.

The average direct cost of absence was £517 per employee – or 3.1% of payroll – which includes lost production and the expense of covering absence with temporary staff or overtime. It is also estimated that indirect costs, such as lower customer satisfaction, add another £263 per employee per year. That’s £780 per person per year!

Long-term absence – mainly due to stress, back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders – accounted for 40% of lost working time.

Minor ailments, such as colds, were named as the most significant cause of short-term absence, while back pain came second.

Steps for a Well Workplace

  1. Contact The Ulster Spine Centre to discuss how we can best meet the needs of your businessimage of a Woman standing in yoga pose
  2. Book a Wellness at Work Day, which includes:
    • 30 minute, interactive presentation on ergonomics and Back Care at work
    • Individual Spinal Health checks
    • Special Offer vouchers for further consultation
  3. The Ulster Spine Centre can also work with employees who suffer from long-term absence related to back pain or musculoskeletal disorders. We can offer independent assessment, rehabilitation programs, and “Fit Notes” which explain what duties an employee is fit to perform to allow an easier return to work.
  4. Corporate Packages. Most employees pay for their own health care, but we also offer businesses a healthcare package for their staff. This encourages staff loyalty, improves moral, and can help reduce absences in the workplace. For more information on Corporate Packages, please contact Tracey at